“What can I do if my visa application is being refused or my visa being cancelled?”

Depending on where you are and what visa application you have made, you may be able to apply for review of a visa or sponsorship refusal or cancellation by the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) to the Migration and Refugee Division of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT).

There are stringent rules on who, when and where to lodge an appeal. The AAT cannot accept an application for review of a decision lodged outside the relevant time limit or which has been lodged by a person who is not entitled to apply for review. Therefore, we recommend you to seek advice immediately once you have been notified of a visa refusal or cancellation by the DHA.

We will assist you to:

  • review your case and advise you on prospects of appeal;
  • assist you to lodge an application for review in accordance with the law;
  • advise you on other immigration options available to you; and
  • prepare all aspects of the appeal, including written submissions to the Tribunal.

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