Irene Yeung comes highly recommended by her clients. Read what people are saying.

She is very kind, friendly and professional. Knows the contents well. Highly recommended!
Tshering Tashi

Me and my wife appoint Irene as her immigration agent. Irene made the process of getting her visa easy to follow and straightforward. There are times when we need to ask her question, she always responded quickly, even when she was on holiday! Irene is definitely professional and thorough, she made whole immigration process much less stressful than it has to. I would not hesitate to recommend her service to anyone.
Laiman Cahyadi

We have nothing but praises for Irene and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who is looking for a trusted and dependable Immigration agent.

When we started our process, we contacted some agents in ACT. Most of them would not talk to us until we paid for the first meeting but Irene was open and gave us enough information to feel confident that she knew what she was talking about. We booked an appointment with her to further clarify our options and after getting all our information, she clearly and concisely gave us our options and her recommendation. We decided to follow her advice and we’ve been very happy with that decision.

Although the process itself was lengthy, Irene was very proactive and made sure that we were always a step ahead by giving us a checklist of all the documents we needed to provide and tests that needed to be done way in advance, allowing us time to prepare. Once she received all the information, Irene would quickly prepare and fill out the forms that needed to be submitted on our behalf and we just had to verify the information.
The whole process went smoothly and Irene would be proactively in contact with IMMI making sure that everything went well.

Irene has shown outstanding professionalism with great customer service, being very quick to respond to our questions. We will definitely go back to her for our next step.

Thank you so much Irene.

Franck & Julia

Franck Nunes

Irene really helped me navigate what would have otherwise been complex to the point of impossibility. She was also a friendly encouraging voice, keeping me motivated when I might have given up. I wouldn’t have gotten my permanent residency without her. I give Irene my highest recommendation!
Maud & Claud

Irene has been a godsend in helping me organise more than 10 years of evidence for my visa application. Don’t think I could have done it with out her.
Morgan Watson

Definitely the most responsible and reliable agent. I will recommend Irene’s service to my friends in future.
Lucy H

Great service and great price she is the best agent I have been too i recommend any one to go see her great advice and very helpful thank you.
Chris Hig

Just wanted to say many thanks to Irene Yeung for the helps during last 5 months with my RSMS 187 visa application.
Thanks to your quick respond and professional service, I was able to lodge my visa application on time as well as guiding me on preparing the documents to maximise the changes on the result.
Through past few months working on my visa with Irene, I am very highly recommended Irene Yeung to any one who need help and consultant on your migration visa such as PR, TR, RSMS…
Luy V

I am lucky to find such a nice person with so much of accurate knowledge of her work. I have been in this country for only a year and with her expertise and experience I am able to stay lawfully. I was in a vulnerable situation but with her help in finding ways I am safe. She is patient, kind and intelligent person. I would recommend her services to all the people who are looking to migrate themselves or their families.
She is reasonable and is quite engaging at personal levels. Though she was on vacation she took care of all the calls and important mails.
That makes me say about her, having her was REASSURING.
She is dedicated, disciplined and humble.
My honest thanks 👍🏻

Irene was referred by a friend. I’m glad that I found Irene as she assisted me with my visa application. She is very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. She spent quite a long time on the phone with me even before I started using her service. She was very polite, friendly and efficient. I’m very satisfied with her service and would have probably been lost doing the complicated application without her. I surely will go back to her if I need the service again.
Gin C

Irene is a very accommodating agent. She engages her clients’ questions and answers them truthfully. She explains policies clearly to help her clients make enlightened decisions.
Nareen Viluan

Irene Yeung is reliable and efficient. She listens to our needs and application fee is absolutely reasonable. My recommendation 🙂
Alice Man

I’m very thankful for your services. All the advices given were with the high level of professionalism and the process was explained very well through which I got the desired results.
Suresh Arora

Thank you so much for all your help with my permanent resident visa. You are very professional but easy going in day to day emails. You always respond immediately to my emails. The way that you explained each stage of the process made me feel confident and took away my worries. I highly appreciate your great services.

我是通过朋友认识Irene的,由于她在朋友侄子的Case 上做的特别成功,所以朋友向我推荐了她。





Crystal Guo